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Winter Camping, Bushcraft, and Snowshoe Trip - Freeman River Watershed

Winter Camping, Bushcraft, and Snowshoe Trip - Freeman River Watershed

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Feb 25 -28, 2018     $500 CDN (includes tax) approximately $390 USD

Bushcraft Skills, Snowshoe Travel, Toboggans, Traditional Winter Camping

Inspired by the Fur Traders and Trappers of Canada's Boreal Forest, and paired with wilderness living skills passed down by legendary survival instructor - Mors Kochanski

Description: Join our talented instructors for four days of bushcraft and winter camping skills as we travel with by Snowshoe and Toboggans up the Freeman River Watershed.  Combine modern ideals with traditional bushcraft skills to elevate your outdoor knowledge and experience to an exciting new level.  Experience Canada's winter wilderness the way it was meant to be experienced - on foot over snow and ice, using rivers and lakes to explore the vast and fantastic Boreal Forest (the way trappers and indigenous people travelled long ago). Minimum 4 participants - Maximum 8 participants.

Back to Back course option:  We have partnered with Randy, Lori, and Mors Kochanski (www.karamat.com),  to be able to offer students a great opportunity to combine two courses back to back and save on travel costs.  Our Winter Bushcraft and Snowshoe Trip is designed to run immediately after the Karamat 2018 Extended Winter Wilderness Living/Survival Course(February 18-24). 

Past graduates of the Karamat winter or summer course are encouraged to join us on the Snowshoe trip as we will be utilizing many of the skills learned at Karamat.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Gain experience travelling moderate distance on snowshoes, pulling gear, food, and canvas tents on toboggans in the safety of a skilled group.
  • Become knowledgeable on loading and outfitting a Toboggan for winter travel and increase your awareness of river hazards and potential problems you may experience on cold weather trips.
  • Utilize bushcraft skills and equipment such as Roycraft pack frames, canvas tents, knifes, axes, saws, and rope work.  Experiment with various ways to pitch camp and move camp as we travel along the watershed.
  • Work together to help provide our group with firewood, shelter, food, and water.
  • Participate in plant walks, forest study, animal tracking, and woodcraft skills.

Course Schedule:

Day One:  We will meet up in the Town of Barrhead and immediately begin planning, organizing equipment and going over the trip.  From there, we will drive together to the Freeman River watershed and begin travelling into the valley.  Here, we immediately begin working on efficient snowshoe travel, toboggan handling, and reading river hazards to build confidence for the group.  After travelling for a few hours, we will stop and set up camp with plenty of time in the evening for feasting and crafting.

Day Two:  Our group will discuss options to travel further up the watershed and set up camp again, or stay in the same location for another night and explore the local forest. 

Day Three:  Our group will discuss options to travel further up the watershed and set up camp again, or stay in the same location for another night and explore the local forest.  We may have to move to a new camp location in order to be within reasonable walking time to our final exit location on day four.

Day Four:  Walk out the final few kilometers to meet our ride back to civilization.  ETA at vehicles is 3:00pm (International travellers can expect to reach the city of Edmonton by 7:00pm - 8:00pm on the evening of day four.

Skills Learned:

  • Snowshoe travel, bindings, materials, and styles for different snow conditions.
  • Outfitting Toboggans with gear and pulling with various harness set-ups.
  • Reading snow conditions and terrain, choosing safe passage.
  • Camping with canvas hot tents, wood stove use, and cooking and feeding a group
  • Bushcraft Skills:  fire lighting, axe, knife, and saw safety and use, rope work, roycraft pack frame, setting up shelters, super shelter, campfire cooking, and more.
  • Forest Study:  Boreal Forest ecology, plant uses, wood, stone, feather, and bone.


When you register, we will send you the following:  Complete Gear List, Cancellation Policy, Medical and Food Allergy form.