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Introduction To Survival Skills - Winter Session

Introduction To Survival Skills - Winter Session

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Introduction to Survival Skills - Winter Session
March 10 – 11, 2018
Fort Assiniboine, AB (1.5 hrs Northwest of the West end of Edmonton)
$195 + GST (minimum 4 – max 8 participants)
Course Description: 
Whether you are venturing into the untamed wilderness for the first time or you are a seasoned outdoorsman, learning survival and bushcraft skills will help you to be more confident and prepared to pull from the landscape everything you need to endure a sudden and unexpected survival event.  This 2 day course will provide you with a solid foundation of proven survival skills in a comfortable setting, with highly trained instructors. 
What to Expect:  
• Hands on, experiential learning.
• Instruction on the use of essential tools such as knives, axes, saws, and rope.
• Defining Survival, Bushcraft, and Outdoor Education
• Locating great camps and building and staying overnight in wilderness shelters
• An incredible array of fire lighting techniques and fire arrangements
• Campfire cooking, survival kit items, and plant identification
• The activities in this course can be quite rigorous, and require all participants to be in reasonably good physical shape.  Expect cold temperatures, uneven terrain, and coping with many changing environmental conditions. 
• We will be close to vehicles and all participants have the option to retreat to our heated group shelters at any time.
• Strong emphasis on safety at all times.  Comfortable and casual teaching philosophy. Not a high-pressure survival experience
What to Bring:
• 1 supper and 1 breakfast is provided.  Bring your own snacks and 2 lunches.
• Warm clothing, footwear, headgear, and gloves.
• Upon registration, you will be sent an equipment list indicating additional equipment items.
Transportation to our meeting place near Fort Assiniboine is Not provided or included in the price, so please plan accordingly.